Gunnersaurus Is Back

LONDON: Arsenal mascot Gunnersaurus has made his first public appearance since the man wearing the costume was nearly sacked to reduce club costs.

The London club’s decision to sack Jerry Quy, who has been on duty for 27 years, inspired him to raise funds in addition to Gunners midfielder Mesut Ozil’s offer to pay his salary.

Through his Twitter account, the character uploaded a picture saying: “Back to the Emirates Stadium today”.

It is still unclear who played the role of Gunnersaurus in the image but reports say many people are now part of the ‘dinosaur’ and the club also offered it to Quy.

“As we always say, Gunnersaurus is an important part of Arsenal and a popular character for our fans around the world,” a club spokesman said.

“Gunner never went anywhere but because of the barrier due to the virus, there was a constraint for him to appear in the open.”

The post on Twitter received 40,000 likes in less than an hour with supporters now unable to go to the Arsenal stadium, Emirates because COVID-19 was relieved to see him back.