Spurs Lead Premier League

WEST BROMWICH, United Kingdom: Harry Kane took Tottenham to the Premier League stage when the striker’s late goal confirmed his side’s 1-0 win over West Bromwich Albion just now.

Jose Mourinho’s side removed Southampton from the top spot as a result of Kane’s dramatic goal near the Hawthorns in the 88th minute.

The player’s 150th goal in the Premier League came just in time after Tottenham struggled to break Albion’s defense.

After scoring 200 goals for Tottenham in all tournaments against Ludogorets early last Friday morning, Kane has now scored 13 goals this season.

Tottenham are now one point ahead but they can be overcome if Leicester beat Wolves tonight or if Liverpool win over Manchester City early tomorrow morning.

Tottenham have not lost in the last seven games of the league but far from their best performance in most of the competition against West Brom which have yet to record a win in the league this season.